Commercial Investors

Commercial Investment

Agriculture business is good business.

There are world wide opportunities for designing, building, owning and operating long term, viable agriculture businesses that provide steady financial returns.

These opportunities range from grain and livestock operations in Eastern Europe to trade and agriculture production in Africa.

All that is required is proper capitalization, good up-front business intelligence and skilled project planning and implementation — all backed by a good, experienced management team.

With this in mind AMIS has joined forces with local entrepreneurs to incorporate companies in Zimbabwe and other locations.

AMIS in a major shareholder in Cumisec Investments (Private) Ltd. in Zimbabwe.

In Zimbabwe Cumisec Investments is now expanding our oilseed trade and import operation and is a registered agriculture processor processing soybean, sunflower and groundnut crops as well as pursuing many other agriculture and rural sector business opportunities.

AMIS is working with a highly qualified team to develop a new company – the Social License Consortium – focused on developing long term, sustainable, community based businesses that will bring a share of the wealth to local people – all while building Social License.

At AMIS we are leading the way – from first idea to feasibility study through to construction, start-up and on-going management of the new business.

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