Sustainable Community Enterprises - moving beyond CSR

Social License through Sustainable Community Enterprises!

Huge opportunities exist world wide for the development or expansion of mineral and petroleum plays — often in remote and under-developed regions.

The classic Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach – building a school, providing a community centre, etc. – is no longer meeting local needs.

Communities are looking for meaningful participation in their resource plays and for long term benefits from local industrial development.

And Community members are both looking for – and expecting – an approach that creates jobs and builds wealth – a better approach!

Companies are recognizing the need to obtain Social License by involving local communities and regions in the economic benefits flowing out of their mineral and oil & gas projects.

AMIS is helping!

AMIS is working with key partners on a new commercial, development focused organization – The Social License Consortium. The Consortium is focused on building wealth for local communities by building businesses and supporting local economies.

We will focus on building strong community relationships through agriculture – allowing extractive sector companies to focus on what they do best – all while adding to the equity side of their balance sheets instead of to the expense side of the P & L!

We will open doors and strengthen community relationships by developing agriculture sector based Sustainable Community Enterprise clusters that create jobs for local people and generate long term economic benefits for the community.

Agriculture projects lead to improved rural livelihoods for local communities. In turn, improved incomes and living standards for local people translate into solid support and smooth operations for your company.

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Taking You Beyond CSR!

Taking You Beyond Shared Value!

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