Development Agencies

Building New Companies!

There is a New way to start a business!

The traditional approach is GONE!

No more developing long, detailed business plans and chasing a “don’t care” banker for money.

AMIS is using Agile Product Development and Minimum Viable Product (MVP) approaches.

It’s simple:

  • see an opportunity,
  • develop the first product or service concept,
  • run it by a potential client,
  • find out what works and what doesn’t,
  • adjust it —
  • and do it all over again until a client bites!

Sir Richard Branson’s “Screw it – Let’s do it” approach!

Does it work? You bet!

We have just built – bootstrapped and cash flowed – a new company based on two 90 second videos.

We kept at it until Zoner Analytics Incorporated (ZAI) was born.

ZAI now provides a comprehensive monitoring solution that fingerprints site changes, establishes benchmarks and baselines and determines the cumulative effects of human activity on the earth’s surface. Check out Zoner Analytics Inc.

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