Humanitarian / Commercial

Regional Trade

Soybean, maize, sunflower, wheat, groundnut, barley and other crops form the basis for most of our foods.

Often there is not enough of one of these foods where we need it. However, a shortage of a food or a food product is usually only a local shortage. There is usually a surplus somewhere close by – over the next hill or just over the next border.

AMIS is working with our partner companies to move these products from where they are to where they are needed.

We are working with Cumisec Investment (PVT) Ltd., our Zimbabwe company, to set up transport and sale of soymeal and soybean. This will not only result in a supply of product to our local processing operation but helps to make the market for both large farms and smallholder farmers in the Region.

AMIS is building businesses and supporting local economies!

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