The AMIS process

What makes us different?

We have walked the talk!

Our on-the-ground experience gives us the ability to understand your vision and make it a reality!

AMIS specialists can help you determine where to from here!

How we work here at AMIS!

1. First, we start with helping you develop your vision and build your concept…

Our business concept development process results in a clear picture of your goals and what success will look like!

2. Now we have a Concept, but will customers buy it? Is it worth spending time on?

Rather than spend days or months in a room writing a business plan no one is going to read, we get right to it!

With our use of Agile Project and Product Management approaches, AMIS follows a structured process to find out directly from potential customers whether there is any value. Will they pay for it? What needs to be changed, what needs to be discarded…

We work with you to continuously test, review and revise until customer’s are buying – or we conclude there is no interest and move on.

3. As the concept comes together we help you prepare the Business Case…

Cashflow is the lifeblood of any business or project. The Business Case gives us the cash flow models and financial roadmap to reach sustainable cashflow and make sure we stay there! As the business grows and needs financing, we tie the new businesses’ Milestones and Objectives into the financier’s agreed upon procedures and practices!

4. Further, we can help you with Staffing for Start-up and Implementation..

We review the business or project’s needs and recruit the best hands-on technical and operational staff to ensure on-time and on-budget implementation!…

5. Finally, we can help you with the critical Operations Reviews and Evaluations…

Together we review and address the good, the bad and the ugly. In other words, what is working and what is not – and how can we make it work better!

We “Produce” Agriculture!